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The World Conference is the biggest Network Event and the most awaited between all the Junior Enterprises of the World. This year JE Italy will have the pleasure of hosting it. The conference will be held in September 2023 and will entertain 500 Junior Entrepreneur from all over the World. The theme will be “Renaissance”, from both a digital point of view and of resilience compared to the historical period that we are living, which is why the most suited place to organise it is in Florence. Four days of workshops, business games and activities, in which the firms will be able to engage with the young, innovative, entrepreneurial minds of the Junior Entrepreneurs.

Our concept of


The world and time we live in is subject to a huge technological disruption. JEur are asked to be aware of new trends and have an active role in the most impactful dynamics for our society. Like during Renaissance, the new artisans are the ones that solve problems with new ideas.


Being able to reinforce what makes us strong and working on weaknesses is at the base of evolution. Our world and society are assessing new value to the meaning of local and globalization bringing to questions related to social responsibility. For the role that JEs can have on society, it’s a topic that will be part of our Renaissance concept.

Corporate Culture

Sustainability is fist of all a matter of culture. Any organization can survive without an identity that can adapt to the future but still be a pillar for many people involved. In our concept of Renaissance Humans have the leading role because, differently from technology, culture is the root of people and populations.


Connecting interests and stories. The JEWC as a powerful tool that the international Network owns to enhance a transnational response to globally common issues, connecting our storytellings.

Agenda of the Event

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